Online Bibles: ESV Bible Online Bible Gateway Interlinear Study Bible Study Resources: Inductive Bible Study Helps Blue Letter Bible Study Resources Search-able Lexicon Strong’s Number search Tool Devotional Resources: M’Cheyne One-Year Reading Plan With the M’Cheyne plan, each year you read through the NT twice, the Psalms twice, and the rest of the OT once. It begins with the four great beginnings (starting points) of Scripture:

  • Genesis 1 (beginning of the world)
  • Ezra 1 (rebirth of Israel after her return from Babylonian exile)
  • Matthew 1 (advent of the Messiah)
  • Acts 1 (birth of the body of Christ)

“Nothing has helped me more to gain an overview of the Bible, and so of God’s redemptive plan.” John Stott

For the Love of God For the Love of God is a daily devotional designed to walk a person through the Bible in a year (an ever so slightly modified M’Cheyne Reading Plan) while assisting the reader in discovering the riches of God’s Word.  It’s not really a “blog” at all. Rather, it is a free digital version of the devotional provided by The Gospel Coalition and Crossway with the hope that this daily devotional will deepen one’s understanding and appreciation of God’s Word—for the love of God. 10 Different Online Reading Plans Thirty Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God Knowledge of the Holy – A.W. Tozer Daily Discipleship Devotional: The text l comes from the NavPress book Daily Discipleship, which features devotionals taken from radio broadcasts by LeRoy Eims.  Click here to receive Daily Discipleship each day (Monday – Saturday) by email. Scripture Memory Resources: Weekly Bible Memory Verses Fighter Verses Schedule 2010 Topical Memory System If you want to memorize Scripture, but aren’t sure what to memorize or how, the above system, a long time resources of the Navigators, is quite helpful as you seek to begin hiding God’s word in your heart. Notes:

  1. Here is a link to an online resource for the TMS.  Easy to follow. Verses and cards use NIV.
  2. You can download mp3s of the system from the Navs here.

Prayer Resources: Matthew Henry’s “Method for Prayer” Martin Luther’s “Simple Way to PrayCatechetical Resources: New City Catechism For Context : New City Introduction (Here) Westminster Shorter Catechism Heidelberg Catechism


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